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Finding the Sweet Spot in Sport-Specific Training Programs

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Athletes regardless of sport, gender and age benefit a lot from various strength and conditioning training routines. There’s no one specific workout plan that is best for women, we just have to discover that so-called “sweet spot.” With the rise in popularity of functional fitness programs, people progressively veer away from the typical, somewhat old school regimen of barbells, dumbbells, and machines. Today, many female athletes rely on sport-specific training programs that cater to our needs. Let’s take soccer, for instance.

Here on Fit Women’s Mag, we’ve previously talked about ways on how to build a lean body. Now, let’s incorporate functionality into this routine for our athletic readers.

If you’re a soccer player, casual weekender or part of the school varsity team or anything in between, it’s important to understand the need to integrating explosive strength, speed, and agility drills into your training. First off, it’s imperative to focus on your legs, as these are your main weapons, so to speak. You can do variations of squat using barbells and/or dumbbells. These exercises range from back and front squats, to goblet squats, to deadlifts. Carrying out deadlifts is important to work on your back and core muscles.

Since soccer, often requires players to be physically strong, it’s vital to include a lot of core strengthening workouts. Aside from the usual sit-ups and Supermans, you can do seated leg lifts, modified bicycle crunches, and weighted planks. It’s worth noting that squats and core workouts for soccer, not only develops many muscles in our bodies, it also helps us lose weight effectively, based on this article by Andrea
on Livestrong.

Soccer, as most of us recognize, is the world’s most popular sport. According to Sporteology, its estimated fans across the globe clock in at around 3.5 billion. Here in the United States, a lot of women embrace this as a viable fitness outlet, which may be why the country sits at the top spot of the FIFA world rankings.

With this, more and more industries outside the fitness world – particularly in the gaming commerce – have also jumped on the bandwagon and have tapped soccer’s impressive fan base. From the ultra-popular FIFA franchise on the Xbox and PlayStation, to manager simulators such as Top Eleven on smartphones, to online slot game Football: Champions Cup, which is currently being hosted on European gaming site Slingo, the sport literally covers all bases. Now that we understand how huge and adaptable soccer is on a global scale, it’s not surprising to see how this particular sport becomes the basis of many women’s fitness programs.

Whether it’s for soccer, gymnastics, or any other physical venture, training for a specific sport should always have certain features that are beneficial to our bodies, our psyches, and our respective games. This is why it’s essential to do a lot of research prior, and above all else, find our sweet spot in terms of our fitness programs.

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