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How To Exercise Your Calves. Get A Beautiful Shape

how to exercise your calvesIf you need to know how to exercise your calves, you’ll learn today!

Calves are beautiful and sexy muscles. Guys love toned calves and cute feet 😉 By this, you need to exercise them.

Before to learn how to exercise your calves, you need to know why these muscles are a little stubborn to get bigger and toned.

You use your calves in every step of your life. Without them you couldn‘t run, jump, climb stairs, walk, or even just stand around. The fact they‘re subject to a nearly constant workout is one of the main reasons the muscle is difficult to grow. They’re built for endurance; therefore, if you want calves so big they belong on a farm 😛 you’re going to have to hit them hard enough to hurt.

You want the right kind of hurt, however. Working with heavy weights requires extra special care. Improper form on some other exercises -preacher curls for example -means you’re probably doing nothing worse than wasting your time. Improper form on standing calf raises could mean a serious and lingering injury.

Another example, if you’re one of the people who use a lot of weight for the calf raise exercise, be aware of how much strain that weight can put on your back and your knees. The shoulder pads on the machine will keep your shoulders level, but get someone to spot you to make sure your back is straight.

Stay away from one-leg calf raises if you‘re piling on the weight, as the off-center stance required by the movement puts an unnatural twist in your spine.

If you want to add mass through heavy weight, try the donkey calf machine and the seated calf raise. Both machines have the huge bonus of taking the strain off your back. While hitting your calves just as hard as standing calf raises. Of the two, seated calf raises get my vote because they don’t require you to lock out your knees or risk injury to your back. Why put lots of pounds of stress on your back and knees when you don‘t have to?

Having to hit your calves hard doesn’t necessarily mean a lot of weight. Try one leg calf raises holding a 20-pound dumbbell and you’ll understand. Double the number of reps you’d do for heavy exercises but don’t be surprised if walking is difficult afterward.

Whether you go for the heavy option or the high-reps option, always train smart. Don‘t strain your joints or back unnecessarily. Although your calves will complain, the rest of your body will thank you.

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